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April 2014 - We're Supporting April's National IBA Awareness Month

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

 Here'a few facts...

  • -Almost 25% of people in the western world are thought to suffer from IBS.
  • -Women are three times more likely to suffer from it than men. 
  • -Bloating, wind, cramps, blood/mucus or undigested food in the stools, headaches, nausea and depression are just some of the symptoms associated with this condition.

There is good news for sufferers and there are many things that you can do to ease symptoms and to prevent the condition altogether and in the majority of cases the gut can fully heal itself given the right tools and conditions.

Top 5 Food Categories to Avoid...its important to understand what triggers your IBS....

  • -Gluten
  • -Wheat
  • -Dairy
  • -White Sugar containing foods
  • -Tea, coffee and alcohol. 

-As a starter avoid all gluten – have a look at our amazing gluten free range, and replace regular tea and coffee with herbals teas. Our Pukka and Heath and Heather herbal teas are both delicious and nutritious.

-Avoid dairy products from animal sources so cut out milk, chocolate, cheese, cream, ice cream, mayonnaise. We stock a great “Life Free From” range which is both gluten and dairy free that we use in our home all the time.

-Avoid yeasts, vinegar, refined sugar – agave syrup is a good alternative to sugar.  Citrus fruits can cause problems too so also worth cutting out to see if symptoms improve.

-Soya can be the cause of IBS in certain cases so again worth cutting out for a while.

-Melted cheese is extremely hard for the body to digest so avoid that too.

-Cut out all refined foods such as white rice, pasta, cakes, biscuits, pastries, fried foods and alcohol.

And The Good News....Top 5 Foods We Can Eat..!

-Gluten free foods.  Quinoa and millet are also gluten free and nutritious grains.  Have a look at our range of grains and snacks.

-Replace animal source dairy products with almond, rice or quinoa milk products.

-Peppermint, camomile and rosemary herbals teas all aid digestion and are calming to the stomach.

-Snack on pumpkin seeds daily as these are anti – parasitic (49% of IBS patients tested were shown to have parasites) Our munchy seeds range is fantastic and so delicious.  I never leave home without a tub and myself and our children snack on them throughout the day.  We actually hide them from Philip as he would eat the whole tub to himself!!

-Manuka Honey is great for both digestion and the immune system.  The higher the UMF, the higher anti bacterial properties it contains.  Our Comvita range of Manuka honey is brilliant and delicious added to porridge or camomile tea!

-Add ginger and pineapple to your diet regularly.  These aid digestion and sooth the gut.  We love our Urban Fruit bags of dried pineapple – again so handy to carry with you to snack on throughout the day.  Our Manic Pineapple and Lime juices are simply delicious too!

-Definitely add linseeds or flaxseeds to your diet daily. These help to gently stimulate the bowel gently while providing stool bulk.  This enables the bowel to function normally and comfortably.  Linseeds have also been successful in alleviating both constipation and diarrhoea.  We sell whole linseeds or our Linwoods range are already ground and so easy to add to soups, salads, cereals and smoothies.

Top 5 Helpful Tips

1-Eat smaller lighter and more regular meals as opposed to larger meals and chew your food properly and slowly.

2-Drink peppermint tea after every meal and whenever feeling nauseous.

3-Exercise regularly – gentle walking and swimming will enhance bowel function.

4-Suggested that the majority of cases of IBS are caused by a food intolerance.  Your GP will be able to test for this or we do sell an accurate test that is quick and simple to do.

5-Try to reduce stress – as this can be a major factor in gut problems.  Digestion shuts down during stressful periods which can then lead to undigested particles of food irritating the gut.  I find camomile tea and natural liquorice brilliant for the nervous system and our Rescue Remedy range is fantastic too during times of stress.  I always have the Rescue Remedy drops and chewing gum with me.

If you need any more help or advice, I am happy to support along with your GP

Julie x 

March 2014 - Julie's Sports Nutrition Blog

It has become more and more apparent over recent years the huge role that diet and nutrition plays not only in performance and endurance but also in recovery of athletes or persons participating in sport at any level and at any age.

A healthy, well nourished athlete is more likely to achieve their potential by training and recovering consistently on a day to day basis and to do this it is vital to master three key nutritional areas:


It is also vital for each individual to understand exactly how much they need to eat, so what their calorie requirements are as well as what protein and carbohydrate requirements they have. These requirements vary dramatically per individual depending on weight, type of training, gender, genetics and quality of the diet. It is impossible to provide a set figure for energy and carbohydrate requirements but a good starting point is to calculate carbohydrate and protein requirements in terms of grammes per kilogram of body weight.

This can then be converted into calories. The amount of protein and carbohydrates are extremely individual and depend on body type and also metabolic response to carbs.
It is important to spread energy consumption across the day. Many athletes adopt a “five small meals a day” approach to spead energy intake evenly and to also ensure efficient recovery post training sessions.


Carbs are a quick and efficient way to provide readily available energy for the body. However, it is important to understand good carbs and bad carbs. Carbs are ranked using the GI (glycaemic index). The GI score is the rate at which a food breaks down into sugar, how fast it is absorbed and how fast it raises blood glucose levels.

Foods with the highest GI scores breakdown rapidly providing a quick energy burst which lasts only a short period of time. Eating too many of these foods can block the body from burning fat.

These foods should be minimised and used only for fast energy replenishment or during exercise. Foods with a low GI score break down slowly providing longer lasting energy and keep you fuller for longer. These tend also to be higher in fibre and nutrients too. Examples of foods with a low GI score are brown rice, vegetables, quinoa fresh fruits.

Good pre-training/workout meals would be as follows:

Morning workouts


Porridge topped with banana and milled flaxseeds.
Freshly made smoothie with added Udo’s oil/flaxseeds/pro greens powders.

You may wish to add a Beet It shot as these have been proven to increase stamina and endurance by a minimum of 16%. The high nitrate content causes the arteries to expand enabling oxygen to travel to the muscles quicker preventing the onset of fatigue and aiding a quicker recovery

10k Fuel Breakfast Milks contain 20g protein and 5g fibre as well as less than 1%fat and added B vitamins and  10k Fuel Granola has added guarana and B vitamins

Day/Evening workouts

You should always leave 3-4 hours after a meal before training and this should be mainly low GI foods with moderate amounts of protein. Food is only useful to the body when it is digested hence why it is important to allow sufficient time for the body to digest it. If you do require something close to your training session then opt for something small and light such as a piece of fruit, sachet of munchy seeds, small energy bar etc.

Nutrition During Exercise

If you need to re-fuel during training then you require carbs that provide immediate energy. During exercise, sports (carb enriched) drinks provide the muscles with the fuel they require. The most appropriate forms are simple sugars such as glucose, fructose, maltose and galactose. Research has shown that athletes typically absorb 60-70g
carbs per hour spread over the training sessions. Carb enriched energy drinks and gels taken with water provide the perfect solution as well as small amounts of specific foods.
Win Naturally Recommend the following products for during exercise to enable you to get the most out of your training session and to keep energy levels high:

zero tablets

Hi5 Zero Tablets replenish lost electrolytes ensuring you remain hydrated. Calorie free and in three delicious flavours, also proven to burn 41% more fat.

Clif Shot Bloks exercise for optimal results. Clif Bars Shot Bloks are a convenient alternative to energy gels.
Simply eat 3 pieces of shot bloks and this provides the same energy as many gels on the market today. Each serving of Clif Bars Shot Bloks provides 100 calories and 24g of carbs.

Coconut Water is the most natural and nutritious way to replenish lost electrolytes and rehydrate.

Why Drink Coconut Water??

1. Coconut water is naturally free from fat, gluten, cholesterol, preservatives and artificial sweeteners.
2. Coconut water is low in calories with 18-24 kcal per 100ml (compared to 48 calories per 100ml in orange juice).
3. Naturally replenish your body fluids after exercising.

Energy and sports drinks should contain electrolytes especially sodium. When training the body sweats more and we automatically drink more water. Too much water literally dilutes the blood as the water pushes vital electrolyte salts out of the body. When sodium levels fall too low the following symptoms can occur:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting

WinNaturally Recommends the following snacks for during training/exercise:


 Builders-ChocBiona Rice CakesMr FilbertsKale ChipsQuest Range

Post Exercise

The quicker you replenish your body with the right nutrients, the more benefits you will see from your training and the quicker your body will recover to train again.
Refuelling the body post exercise enables the following processes to take place:

• Refilling liver and muscle glycogen (Carb) stores
• Replacing fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat
• Synthesising proteins for new muscle for new muscle and cells
involved in repair and growth
• Supporting the immune system to adapt to the challenges of
the training sessions

Research has proven that the body is most receptive to carbs and protein within the first 45 minutes post exercise. I like to call this the
“Re-fuel Window”. Post exercise snacks should contain carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to refuel, repair and re-vitalise.

WinNaturally recommend the following post exercise products:

Kinetica Protein range is precisely developed to replenish your body’s amino acid levels and support lean muscle growth and recovery.Kinetic Protein

And because it’s absorbed quickly by the body, Kinetica Whey Protein lets you achieve the maximum effect in as short a time as possible. Made with unique Biotein™ protein blend to help muscle recovery and development.

Kinetica ShakesKinetica Shakes
are by far the best tasting ready to drink protein shakes we have ever come across – and we have trialled many! 

The vanilla Caramel is a favourite in the Neville House. Available in a convenient, great tasting format Kinetica's Ready to
Drink protein shake is suitable for anyone seeking to support and sustain lean muscle. Use it to provide extra protein
before, during or after exercise.


 Quick, effective muscle repair with Kinetica 100% Recovery. Focusing purely on post-exercise muscle recovery and repair, Kinetica 100% Recovery drinks are available in delicious Blackcurrant and Orange & Mango flavours. Combining three carbohydrate sources,

a unique advanced protein formula and carefully-selected peptide fractions, essential amino acids and vitamins, they help your body recover quickly after tough sessions. Perfect for the post-exercise period, they are quickly absorbed into the system to help you get back up to speed.


GOOD Refuel Shake helps you recover faster and more efficiently after intense exercise, whether training or competing It is formulated to give the

GOOD Refuel Shake

 optimum balance of carbohydrates for recovery as well as protein for muscle repair. GOOD Refuel Shake is a unique plant based shake for active people. Made from natural hemp protein powder, it is naturally rich in protein - with all 20 amino acids, including all the essential amino acids. Rich in Protein - Protein is necessary in our diet to build and repair muscle. Taken after an active session, protein helps repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) - BCAAs are essential amino acids. They support muscle recovery.

Source of Dietary Fibre - GOOD Refuel Shake is a source of dietary fibre. Fibre helps you feel fuller for longer and suppress food cravings. Fibre is also required for healthy digestion and plays a vital role in a good balanced diet.

Good Protein Digestion and Metabolism - GOOD Refuel Shake is easy to digest. It does not cause bloating. The Hemp protein in GOOD Refuel Shake contains 65% Edestin,
a globular protein which is ideal for the body to metabolise. And is the highest concentration amongst all plant proteins

The GOOD ranges includes:  Fit Shake, Gym Shake, Diet Shake, Lean Shake, Muscle Gainer, Pure Neutral Hemp,  Smart Tec, WheyFX Drink, Recover Drink

Cherry Active remains a favourite with many of our elite athletes. CherryActive speeds recovery and reduces soreness from training. Leading football premiership, rugby premiership and British Olympic teams use CherryActive to maximise performance and antioxidant health.

• Powerful antioxidants in CherryActive help reduce cell damage from free radicals.
• CherryActive is high in melatonin which helps maintain healthy sleep.
• Faster recovery + quality sleep = harder training + performance gains.

Essential Fats

It is vital to include essential fats in the diet. These are required for immune function, cardiovascular function and also fat metabolism. Including EFA’s will help to improve aerobic fitness by aiding oxygen delivery. Essential Fatty acids also have fantastic anti-inflammatory properties thus aiding tissue repair and recovery. Oily fish, seeds and good oils are all excellent sources of EFA’s.

Essential Fatty Acids provide your cells with the nutrition they need in order to function properly. Without them they do not operate as well as they could and this can affect overall health, muscle recovery, joint suppleness, energy, stamina and ultimately for the sports enthusiast, athletic performance.

Essential Fatty Acids can help raise energy levels in a number of ways:

Improved membrane regulation - the essential fatty acids (EFAs) will make your cell membranes better configured for transport of nutrients in and waste out. They do this by regulating the fluidity of the membrane, so that transport proteins can work correctly. Think of it like the gates in and out of a sports ground - if they are rusty and seized, then flow in and out is no good, but once they are well oiled, then movement is restored to its original optimum.

Improved fat metabolism - by activating certain pathways (known as PPAR ), EFAs change the way your genes are interpreted. This leads to better fat burning, and less fat storage. The fat burning is both from food in the diet, and from your body, so combined with the reduced storage, you are effectively tuning your body to use fat rather than hold on to it.
Fat burning more effective for endurance and strength sports - Carbohydrate based diets are great for short bursts of energy but can lead to slumps without regular refueling during an endurance or strength event. Fat, on the other hand burns slowly and steadily, providing a longer and more stable fuel source.

Two independent research studies investigating the use of Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in Elite strength and endurance athletes found that it lead to improved energy levels and endurance.
• A runner increased his weekly running distance from 90km to 147km
• A cyclist increased his daily cycling distance from 60-80km to
120km-180km per day
• A boxer taking the oil blend after eight weeks increased his workout time from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours twice daily

We also measured cardiovascular risk factors. After 106 days, their resting blood glucose was slightly lower, triglycerides were significantly reduced, 'good' HDL cholesterol was significantly higher, 'bad' cholesterol was down significantly, and HDL/LDL ratio was better.

In summary

I hope that after reading this article it is clear that providing your body with the correct fuel will most certainly enable you to reach your optimum fitness levels and training goals. 

WinNaturally is proud to supply many of the Premiership football clubs, The England National teams, several Championship football clubs and many elite athletes with a wide range of sports, performance and endurance products.

We are confident that we continue to lead the way in this field and stock only the finest and most effective sports nutrition products.

Julie x 



Julie WinNaturally lavender Hotels



Lavender Hotels are launching a range of WinNaturally health supplements and sport recovery products across their 

portfolio of four health clubs and spas in the North West

As one of the UK’s selected suppliers, Lavenders Health Club’s product range will include shakes, pre-fuel workoutand recovery sachets, energy gels, seed & nut snack sachets, protein bars and a selection of rehydration and vitamin drinks. 

The brainchild of qualified nutritionist Julie Neville, WinNaturally specialises in natural and organic health foods and was created to promote the benefits of a healthy and natural lifestyle after Julie suffered a prolonged period of ill-health. Medical experts initially predicted Julie would have to take several prescribed medicines for the rest of her life

and it was this huge transition which prompted her to study nutrition and consequently launch WinNaturally alongside her husband, Phil Neville, in 2011.


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